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About One Nature

One Nature is the retail arm of Epitome Of Naturalness LLP (Epitome). Established since 2006, Epitome’s primary focus is to provide natural and organic premium quality products that support and promote healthy lifestyle, with emphasis on consistent, wholesome and functional products.

One Nature retails many award winning Bluehills floral and Manuka honey from the pristine rainforests of Tasmania. In addition, we also distribute premium natural health supplements produced by Australian by Nature, one of the market leaders in Australia and New Zealand. The natural health products that we retail include royal jelly, propolis products, evening primrose oil, omega-3 fish oil, and manuka honey candy.

One Nature carries a wide selection of organic loose leaf herbal teas (tisanes) under our house brand, “GardenScent”. The loose leaf teas which are handcrafted to suit differing needs are selected from the finest harvests and are fresh, fragrant and colourful.

Our “GardenScent Whole Food Nutrition” category includes grain powders, fruits and vegetable powders, freeze dried snacks, and many more that are sourced directly from growers and primary processors of culinary, all premium food products.

“GardenScent” body care products are customised and manufactured by leading producers in USA who follow the highest standard of Natural and Organic while maintaining a supportable shelf life. Our “Soothing” range is specially tailored for dry, sensitive and eczema skins.

We have in June 2013 expanded our product range to include a wide selection of Aubrey® natural hair and skin care products. Established since 1967, Aubrey® uses all-natural ingredients and is the pioneer in natural hair, skin and body care.

At One Nature, we are constantly sourcing for more products that are beneficial to your wellness and are committed to present the best to you.