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Herbs, Teas & Spices



GardenScent herbs, teas, and spices are carefully selected and sourced from reputable suppliers from different part of the world.  We use certified organic herbs, teas and spices, if organic is not an option, we use those that are sustainably wild-harvested or cultivated without chemicals.

At One Nature, we supply only fresh and quality herbs, teas and spices for your enjoyment.



  B Burdock               C Calendula          

Chamomile Cinnamon Sweet Cinnamon Cassia

 D Dandelion Root       E Echinacea            

Elder Flower

 F                G

Ginger Root         Ginger Root Powder Gymnema Leaf Powder


Hibiscus Flower


Italian Seasoning

 J    K L

Lavender        Lemon Balm Lemongrass Licorice


Milk Thistle



Nettle Leaf

 O P

Papaya Leaf Peppermint

 Q  R

Raspberry Leaf Red Clover        Red Rooibos       Rose Petals Rosehips   Rosemary




Turmeric Powder

 V  W  X  Y

Yarrow         Yerba Mate




Alfalfa Mint         Cold & Flu             Detox Tea           Digestive Tea         Evening Relax Tea Liver Detox          Mint Tea             
Sleep Ease Tea  Stomach Soothers Throat Chakra  Women's Wellness  Women's Health      
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Organically Grown Gymnema Leaf Powder

Gymnema Leaf Powder (Organically Grown) - 150 gm


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