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Blue Hills harvests their honey from one of the most untouched and natural regions of the world, the Tarkine forest. The Tarkine, located in Tasmania's far North West, is the largest temperate rainforest area in Australia and one of the largest in the world covering approximately 3,800 square kilometres (1,500 sq mi). The region is wild and untamed.

Blue Hills uses cold extraction and coarse filtering method to process honey to ensure all wholesome, natural components of the honey are retained. Blue Hills Honey has low moisture content that will turn "candy" or crystallize. During its initial stage of crystallization, the honey will develop a sugary appearance from the bottom of the bottle and will slowly turn into a smooth creamy texture when it is fully candied. To liquefy candied honey, simply remove the lid and place the jar in hot water for a few minutes.

For honey that has been processed by high temperature, it will generally lower the chance of turning crystallized. In addition, high heat treament will destroy honey' beneficial nutrients as well as alter the taste and floral essences.

Honey should not be fed to infants less than one year of age as they are susceptible to infant botulism in the first year of life.

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Wild Harvested Bee Pollen

Bee Pollen (Wild Harvested) - 200gm


Propolis Manuka 20+ Toothpaste

Propolis Manuka 20+ Toothpaste - 100g


Manuka Honey Candy with Eucalyptus 12+NPA

Manuka Honey (NPA 12+) Candy with Eucalyptus - 30 Candies


Double Strength Propolis Liquid

Propolis Liquid (Double Strength) - 25ml


Manuka Honey Candy with Eucalyptus 12+NPA

Manuka Honey (12+ NPA) Candy with Eucalyptus - 60 Candies


Double Strength Propolis Mouth Spray

Propolis Mouth Spray (Double Strength) - 25ml



Honey Comb


Organic Masarang Forest Sugar 300g

Masarang Forest Sugar (Organic) - 300g


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