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The term "Blackberry" is used to refer to all taxa within the Rubus fruticosus L. aggregate. European Blackberry (Rubus fruticosus L. agg.) is found in forest's, and natural ecosystems throughout temperate Australia.

Blackberry comprises a number of closely related plants that are dealt with under the one name. At least 15 taxa, some of which may by hybrids of Blackberry have become naturalized in Australia.

Due to the high content of tannin, the bark of the root and the leaves are thought to be powerful astringent and tonic. Blackberry honey is used to treat sore throat. A beautiful crisp mild honey which, once candied has a smooth cream texture. Eat as is or reliquefy with temperatures less than 45 degrees celsius.

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Blue Hills Honey Raw Blackberry Honey 500g

Blackberry Raw Honey

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