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Blue Hills Leatherwood honey is a truly premium gourmet honey that captures the essence of Tasmanian Eucryphia Lucida flower nectar from the Tarkine Wilderness in North West Tasmania, Australia. Eucryphia Lucida tree which is commonly known as Leatherwood tree gets its name from the leathery texture of its leaves. They are at their most productive stage when they mature at 100 plus years, flower abundantly each year from approximately January until April.

Leatherwood honey has a distinctive taste and has been recognized by connoisseurs of food as one of the finest premium gourmet honey in the world. Like Manuka honey, Leatherwood honey is known to have activity such as anti-inflammatory, prebiotic, gastric aid and antioxidant levels 2 to 3 times higher than most Australian honey (2005 D’arcy). Research on Leatherwood Honey.

Based on Chemist Charles Dragar’s analysis, Leatherwood honey sourced from the North West region contains almost double the levels of antioxidant than those sourced from the South of Tasmania.

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BlueHills Leatherwood Honey 250g

Leatherwood Raw Honey

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