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Scratch No More! Put Your Itchy Skin to Sleep and FINALLY Get The Good Night's Rest You Deserve

Are you struggling with Eczema Itch during the night?

While eczema can flare up at any time of the day, most of us cannot afford to lose hours of precious sleep having to deal with it under the blanket.

But the reality is, in order to quickly relieve itch, people often scratch the itch until it injures the skin – aggravating the condition.

No doubt – in the case of eczema, pain is one remedy against itch.

If you’re looking for a solution to end your sleepless nights, this blog post will share the proven steps we have found to help us soothe our skin and promote faster skin healing.

If you’re looking for a solution to end your sleepless nights, this blog post will share the proven strategies on how you can manage your itch and keep eczema flare ups at bay so you can have the good night’s rest
you deserve.

We’d like to share what we know has worked...

We know that eczema is quite an annoying condition to deal with, having lived with it for over 20 years. There is no quick fix or magic pill that we can take to eliminate eczema from our lives.

A lifestyle change is the only true solution that we can rely on ranging from diet choices, environment, remedies, medication, and other special tips that only eczema sufferers will know of. 

We’d like to share what we know has worked best for us so you can avoid some of the mistakes.


Scratch No More! - Put Your Itchy Skin to Sleep and FINALLY Get The Good Night's Rest You Deserve 

5-Minute Read to Claim Back Your Sleep

Know Your Eczema Symptoms

If you’ve dealt with eczema for some time now, you’ll understand that it is such a complicated condition.

Among the symptoms are mild to severe itch on the affected area; Rashes and blisters; Skin could become inflamed to the point it stings; It could weep and spread. It creates unsightly red patches; The more one scratches and injures the skin, the less likely it heals; Scarring and thickening of the skin.

It will be challenging to have a normal social life when dealing with itch and the fear of flare-ups. 

Depending on the severity of your eczema, the strategies to be used are different.

Strategies to Manage Eczema

  1. 1
    Relieve Itch Quickly (and Stop the Weep!) so You Won’t Aggravate It Further - One of the most essential strategies is to relieve itch quickly. Eczema can hit us at unexpected times, and you’ll want to know what you can do right away to relieve it. When it comes to weeping eczema, there are tried and true ways to stop it completely.
  2. 2
    Protect Your Skin & Help It Heal Faster - Next, if you have open wounds due to scratching, learning how to protect your skin and how to help it heal faster will prevent the condition from worsening.
  3. 3
    Identify Any Lifestyle Triggers So You Can Avoid Them – In order to protect your life’s goals, you’ll want to keep track of things that can trigger an eczema flare up. This can be food, allergens, stress, chemical within your environment.
  4. 4
    Incorporate Lifestyle Habits to Balance Your Body – Finding food with good nutrients, healthy exercises all help with balancing your body and increasing its robustness against the eczema triggers.

These will all take time and persistence, but it will pay off.

Use This Daily Regime To Cleanse, Calm & Protect Your Skin Before Going to Bed

Use this daily regime to help ease into the night. It’s really simple and very practical.

What You'll Need To Prepare: 

  • Gentle moisturizing cream
  • Natural personal care bath products (bath gel, shampoo, face wash)
  • 100% Cotton Garment and Bedding
  • Evening Herbal Tea

Have a lukewarm shower before going to sleep

- A Luke warm shower is important for keeping the skin hydrated and preventing infections during sleep. Taking a shower at night also helps to reduce stress. As the skin is quite delicate, gently pat dry will do. Avoid rubbing the skin. This step will help you cleanse and calm the skin preparing you for a good night's rest.

Moisturize Your Skin after shower and right before sleep

- Moisturizing your skin with eczema balm or cream right after a shower is especially important as it helps to lock in moisture. What it actually does is to prevent your skin from drying out, while also providing hydration for a period of time. 

Founder's Story - How An Eczema Balm Saved My Life

Years of relying on steroid creams had left me with worsening eczema. I had scars and thickening patches of skin. I desperately needed a moisturizer that keeps my skin hydrated, and also possess skin healing qualities. I could not find such a moisturizer out in the stores! So, I decided to make one of my own. After countless DIYs and research on botanical herbs, I found a really effective eczema balm formula that not only instantly relieves itch. It also soothes and helps my skin heal much faster. I have lived with this home-remedy for over a decade - sharing it with friends and family. Now, areas where my skin used to be thick and leathery have softened. Cuts and abrasions healed faster and today my skin have very little marks left.

Wear loose cotton clothing and use cotton bedding

- Many people with eczema find cotton clothing and bedding preferable, as it is more comfortable than wool or synthetic fibres. Cotton is smooth and it allows the skin to breathe and prevent overheating. 100% cotton is preferable by most people. However, there are some who can tolerate with a mix of cotton and another material. Cotton garments may be dyed with a coloring agent and it may contain loose dyes that may be the potential irritants. Always pre-wash newly bought clothing and bedlinen.

Drink a glass of Herbal Tea before sleep

- Detoxification – something that have been practiced for centuries by the culture around the world, including Ayurvedic and Traditional Chinese Medicine. It is believed that eczema is related to toxins accumulated in the internal system. Detoxification helps to purify and lighten the internal system creating a more balanced environment for the body to repair itself. A healthy internal system reflects healthy skin.

There are many ways of detoxing the body. We prefer using organic herbs that are gentle and mild for cleansing yet effective.

Among the most effective herbs we have found are Burdock Root, Dandelion Root, Ginger Root, Peppermint, Licorice Root, Yellow Dock, Nettle Leaf, Chickweed, Elder Flowers, Bupleurum, Oatstraw, Chamomile Flowers, Red Clover and White Peony.

Founder's Story - Our Precious Organic Detox Tea

We've created a home-made blend of liver-and-blood-supporting herbs that we have been using for years. Drinking this tea in evenings have really helped to provide long-term solution against eczema itch.

Eliminate These Chemicals From Your Personal Care Products

Most of the commercial body washes and shampoos contain chemical ingredients which irritate eczematous skin. You'll want to use personal care products that are gentle enough for your sensitive skin, containing the least amount of synthetic chemicals and fragrances. Here's a list of some of the known ingredients that can cause skin irritation.

  • synthetic fragrances and parfum
    - Synthetic fragrances are mixtures of various chemicals that produce a desired scent, and contain many undisclosed chemical constituents which are toxic, such as benzene derivatives, aldehydes, toluenes, parabens and phthalates.
    - fragrance oil or simply fragrance, or parfum
  • alcohols
    - specially denatured alcohol (SD Alcohol)
    - if you see cetyl or cetearyl alcohol, these are OK because they are not real alcohols but fatty acids
  • synthetic preservatives
    - phenoxyethanol
    - methylchloroisothiazolinone
    - methylisothiazolinone
    - dehydroacetic acid
    - chlorphenesin
  • synthetic additives, colourants, surfactants, detergents, sudsing agents
    - sodium laureth sulfate
    - alkyl glucosides
    - taurates
    - sulfosuccinates
    - c14-16 olefin sulfonate
    - paraben
    - betaines
    - tetrasodium EDTA

Try Our Natural Skincare & Organic Herbal Teas

by One Nature

GardenScent was created to help people find a simple and natural solution for common chronic lifestyle conditions - such as eczema, sensitive skin and lack of balanced nutrition. We feature our most effective botanical skincare formulas, herbal teas, and wholefoods catered to those who want the full benefits of natural and organic ingredients.

Hear from Our Happy Customers

"No more embarrassing red and flaky skin on my face when I greet guests at my son's wedding."

I have very thin layer of skin due to prolonged use of steroid cream, and it bleeds easily. I noticed that this balm is able to provide a shield and protect my skin, as a result I have less bleeding and experience less pain. My skin is also less flaky and softer now. It also helps to relief itch. I have chronic eczema and if it works for me, I believe it will work for a lot of people who suffer from the same condition as me.

Mr. Yong // Senior Citizen

"Soothing Body Balm helps with my eczema and my dry hands"

Soothing Body Balm helps with my eczema and my dry hands by moisturizing and softening thickened skin. I would recommend this to others.

SNOW // Mom

"I highly recommend all who have eczema skin to at least give this Balm a try. It might just work where others have failed."

My daughter has mild eczema since young & would scratch her skin whenever it gets too hot or humid. Physiogel has always helped. In the past 2 yrs or so, some itchy patches appeared on both her foot. She would scratch till the skin tore & bleed. We tried Silver solution which helped only for a while. We applied Soothing Body Balm on my daughter's foot everyday after bath & actually saw improvements. After 2 weeks, parts of those itchy patches started healing. Now the patches on both her feet are almost gone.

Celest C. //  Mom

You've Got This!

Looking back at the past 20 years, if we had known all the tips and strategies we are going to share with you today, life would have been smoother and time not wasted on trial and error.

We’ve experienced loss of self-esteem, intolerable itching, inability to do sports or join outdoor activities, having to take steroid injections and see the gradual worsening of our skin at different parts of the body. Because we've been through the journey, we deeply empathize with all who face this condition and just want a way to heal. Even though some of our tips and sharing may sound simple, they were essential in helping us reverse our condition toward recovery.

Our biggest message to all eczema sufferers is that this condition need not (and should not) destroy your life. It is proven that eczema can be effectively managed with a proper combination of lifestyle choices. 

It also goes to say that being skillful at adapting new habits, and ultimately loving yourself is what will make the journey smooth for you.

What's important is to focus on what you can do to overcome it so that you can move towards your life’s goals. 

Wishing you the best,

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