Ceramic Oval Bird Diffuser Gift Set (with 60ml Diffuser Fragrance)

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This diffuser is for diffusing fragrance oil.

Cute and vibrant design, ideal as a decorative display.

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Fragrance : Blue Ocean – 60ml

How to use: 
1. Simply pour the diffuser fragrance into the base
2. Insert the ceramic diffuser on top
3. Let the ceramic absorb and diffuse the scent

Usage tips:
1. Fill in not over 60 ml of fragrance per each use
2. Each set of ceramic diffuser is suitable for a room size 8 – 12 sqm
3. If you prefer to use with essential oil, simply add few drops of essential oil on top
4. Do not place fragranced products directly on polished, painted or synthetic surface
5. Keep out of reach of children and pet

Product Dimension: 7x7x12 cm

Package dimension : 8.5×12.5×12.3 cm 


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