Fragrance Marker (Unscented) – 60ml


This is a traditional alcohol and emulsifier mix that you can use to dilute your fragrance or essential oils in to make a traditional perfume, room spray, or toiletry spray.

You can add 10-60% fragrance/essential oil to this to make a perfume-grade fragrance spray.

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Volume: 120ml.

Caution: Conduct a skin patch test before using. Apply a small amount to the skin on your inner arm; if redness or irritation occurs, wash thoroughly with soap and water and discontinue use immediately. consult a doctor if it does not get better. Keep away from eyes.

Directions for use: Dilute fragrance or essential oil in this emulsifier mix to your preference. Dilute 10-60% essential or fragrance oil in this base to make a perfume-grade fragrance spray.



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