Patchouli Fragrance Oil – 120ml


Fragrance oils are well-suited for fragrancing purposes and are an economical alternative to essential oils to perfume soaps and body lotions. Possessing a wonderfully earthy and musky smell, this fragrance oil imparts a deep, woodsy scent that stimulates the appetite.

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Fragrance: Patchouli.

Volume: 120ml.

CautionConduct a skin patch test before using. Apply a small amount to the skin on your inner arm; if redness or irritation occurs, wash thoroughly with soap and water and discontinue use immediately. consult a doctor if it does not get better. Keep fragrance oils away from eyes.

Suggestions for use:
1) Air freshener: Add a few drops of fragrance oil into a plastic spray bottle filled with water. Shake to mix the oils and water together, and spray a fine mist into the air. Be careful to avoid spraying into the eyes.
2) Adding fragrance to unscented shampoos or lotion: Add 5-10 drops of fragrance oil per ounce of product.
3) For diffusal: Use with reed sticks or ceramic diffusers to perfume the air.


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