Ultrasonic Essential Oil Diffuser Lamp 180ml


A simple and functional ultrasonic essential oil diffuser lamp that is ideal for your room, office, or yoga studio, among other places.

  • Model: GS102
  • Material: High-end glass cover with an oak base material
  • Atomization Mode: Ultrasonic
  • Water Tank Capacity: 180ml
  • Power Input: DC 24V, 12W
  • Product Size: 127 x 127 x 137 mm
  • Mist Mode: Intermittent | Continuous
  • Timer Mode: 1H | 3H | 8H | Continuous
  • Operating Time: Intermittent mode – up to 24 hours | Continuous mode – up to 12 hours
  • Light Mode: Bright | Dim | Breathing Light | Off
  • Auto shut off when water level is low

Suitable for room size of between 25 to 30 sq meters.

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This ultrasonic diffuser uses high frequency vibration to convert water and essential oils into a fine mist that is dispersed into the air, allowing your body to reap the most benefits via the olfactory system.

  • Aids in the purification and disinfection of the air, the killing of germs, and the stimulation of the immune system.
  • Has an ionizing effect and reduces dust in the air. More negative ions are released into the air, which improves air quality.
  • Quickly spreads scent throughout a room. A special, built-in ultrasonic device divides the essential oil into millions of micro particles, creating a very fine water vapor that quickly spreads through a room.
  • Keeps the air moist. Aroma diffusers atomize the water and essential oil, instantly humidifying the air. This is ideal because dry air has been linked to a variety of respiratory issues, as well as irritated mucous membranes and dry skin.
  • Eliminates odour.
  • Preserves the quality and effectiveness of the oils
  • High-end glass cover with an oak base material. Has different lighting mode, can be used as a lamp.
  • Auto shut off when water level is low.
  • Looks great as a decorative art piece in your home, office, studio, or spa.
  • Suitable for room size of between 25 to 30 sq meters.


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