Bringing the Goodness of Nature to You and Your Family

One Nature is a retail company that offers you all natural and organic products. These products are carefully selected to provide health and wellness benefits. We focus on wholesome and functional foods, beverages, skin and hair care products that are beneficial to us. We’ve sourced our products carefully from reputable companies that share our primary goal of offering natural, wholesome and functional products.

How We Started

Necessity is indeed the mother of invention, but in the case of One Nature, it is Mother Nature’s bounty.

Members of the founders’ families suffered from severe eczema, prompting them to seek the best possible relief, including exploring options in wholesome food, skin and hair care products with multiple benefits.

This prompted us to import these products and launch Epitome of Naturalness, the parent company that distributes organic and natural products mainly from Australia, the United States and Italy. Some of the items are sold under our private label – GardenScent.

Following the successful launch of wholesale distribution to leading hospital retail pharmacies and health shops, the next step was retail. One Nature was established.

We created our own Soothing Body Balm and Body Moisturizer in response to the need for all-natural eczema relief. Customers were so satisfied with these products that they began asking for more – bath and other skin care products. And thus began GardenScent’s exciting journey. Exciting because we discover new ways to naturally relieve skin disorders like eczema and keep our customers relieved, happy, and satisfied.

Our Products

Aside from developing our own line, we researched and explored various natural products. We source various foods, skin and hair care products from Australia, the United States, Italy and Sri Lanka.

  • Blue Hills floral and Manuka honey from Tasmania’s unspoiled rainforests remains our most popular product because of its top-notch health benefits and natural flavor.
  • Australian By Nature products are market leaders in Australia and New Zealand. We bring the top-notch brand to Singapore, wholesale and retail – Omega3 fish oil and Manuka honey candy.
  • GardenScent Tisanes – Our extensive collection of loose-leaf herbal teas is handcrafted and customized to meet a variety of needs. Tea leaves are hand-picked from the best harvest and processed to retain their fresh flavor, fragrance, and color.
  • GardenScent Whole Food Nutrition – Our own label offers ancient grain powders, fruits and vegetable powders, freeze-dried snacks, and a variety of other wholesome foods that are sourced directly from growers and processors to maintain freshness and nutrition. These entirely beneficial foods are appropriate for everyone, including those with special needs.
  • GardenScent skin and body care products are our own line, crafted and manufactured in the United States to the highest organic standards. Our “Soothing” range has been carefully formulated and tailored to provide relief from the dryness and irritation caused by skin conditions such as eczema.

We Aim to Make a Difference

Our mission is to bring in, produce, and sell wholesome and natural products that provide maximum health and wellness benefits.

Because of our own experience with eczema, we are determined to continue sourcing and formulating skin care products for people with skin conditions as well as those who prefer organic and high quality for full natural benefits. GardenScent was created for this purpose, with a high concentration of active natural ingredients in each bottle to ensure the best results. To deliver the best organic products, our manufacturing partners adhere to the highest and strictest production standards for organic products, especially for sensitive skin types.  

Our superfoods line can be easily included in your daily diet. They are carefully processed to retain their superfoods qualities with varying health benefits for people with different health conditions such as high blood pressure, gastrointestinal issues, diabetes and cancer.

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