With the current fast-paced life, we understand how hard it is to squeeze some time to prepare a healthy breakfast, despite knowing that breakfast is the most important meal to start our day with. While the foods such as fried bee hoon, fried rice, carrot cake etc can be a tasty quick-fix for breakfast, they’re often filled with refined carbohydrates (bad carbs) and saturated fats, which causes sugar spikes, tiredness after awhile and lure you to crave more foods! Read more on the difference between good carbohydrates vs bad carbohydrates here.

It was with that in mind that we came out with nutrient-dense All-Grain+Sesame Instant Cereal Beverage. We welcome you to the healthy, creamy and yummy taste of whole-grains and nutty black sesame. We are sure that if you are a fan of black sesame, you will fall in love with this beverage. Not only does this beverage provide you with an exceptional amount of nutrition to boost your health, it also comes in sachets which makes it much more convenient to incorporate a real good breakfast for you and your family. This novel product is suitable for all ages as meal alternatives, night-time snacks, all-time favourite desserts, ready-to-drink cereal beverage and also for pre & post-workout. What’s more? It is plant-based and 100% natural with no additives added!


All-Grain+Sesame Fast Facts

All-Grain+Sesame Nutritional Facts

  • 5.5g of omega fatty acids, 5.1g of protein and 2.6g of dietary fibre per serving
  • Qualified by Singapore Health Promotion Board as a Healthier Choice, lower in sugar and higher in the whole-grain product.
  • 25% lower in sugar compared to regular cereal beverage.
  • Made with premium organic grains (Oat Bran, Amaranth, Quinoa, Buckwheat, Millet, Chia Seeds) and Black Sesame.
  • 1 serving of All-Grain + Sesame instant cereal beverage will provide you with 28% of your daily whole-grain requirement.
  • This novel product is created in collaboration with Singapore Temasek Polytechnic.


How Would All-Grain+Sesame Benefit You And Your Family?

Ingredients In All-Grain+Sesame Instant Cereal Beverage

All-Grain+Sesame is packed with naturally-occurring vitamins, minerals, omega 3 & 6, dietary fibre and protein that would give your body a complete nutrient. Nutrients are needed to fuel your energy, help you grow, repair damaged cells and maintain basic bodily functions.

Heart healthy All-Grain+Sesame Cereal Beverage

Support Heart Health

All-Grain+Sesame reduces bad cholesterol naturally and decreases the risk of heart diseases.


All-Grain+Sesame_Good for Building Muscles & Sustained Energy

Muscle and Energy Sustaining

Ever wonder why we have energy dips and ended up craving for more foods occasionally during our typical daily routine? Most of the time, if not all, is due to consumption of too much refined sugar, refined carbs or so-called high glycemic index food. You may read more on the difference of good carbs vs bad carbs and how it impacts your health here.

All-Grain+Sesame is an energy food that helps the body more efficiently use glucose for sustained release energy, avoiding the spike-then-crash scenario and concurrently, provide meal satiety. As a result, we would have less impulsive food cravings. This helps with weight management and provide more sustained energy for athletes in training.

Would you like to add an exceptional punch of nutrients with All-Grain+Sesame Cereal Beverage to boost your energy, heart & brain health and keep those impulsive food cravings at bay? Give GardenScent All-Grain+Sesame a try!


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