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We welcome you to the healthy, creamy and yummy taste of whole-grains and nutty black sesame. Not only does this beverage provide you with an exceptional amount of nutrition to boost your health, it also comes in sachets which makes it much more convenient to incorporate a real good breakfast for you and your family…

GardenScent organic grass powders are field grown. They are grasses growth in natural climatic conditions, enabling the roots to reach deep into the soil. and infuse the plant with the richest nutrients. Harvested once or twice a year, our whole-food grasses are dark green leafy vegetables that provide a wide array of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.

Consume Gardenscent Oat Bran Powder regularly helps to lower cholesterol and blood sugar level naturally. It also supports weight loss and provides many other health benefits. Read here to explore how convenient and easy to incorporate the health benefits of oat beta-glucans into your daily diet.

Many of us are very quick to label all carbs as “bad”. We tend to associate all carbs as the culprit of gaining weight which is not entirely accurate. We forget how important those good carbs are! Good carbs serve as our primary source of energy, releasing the energy slowly into our bloodstream to fuel our body and mind.